Monday, December 29, 2008

Raja Nazrin to leaders: Stop arguing and help the rakyat - Star

Dec 29, 2008 By CHAN LI LEEN

IPOH: Political leaders should stop their politicking and arguing and instead focus on steering the nation through the economic crisis, said the Regent of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah.

He said leaders should refrain from over-indulging in politics as it was not only unproductive but could sometimes become counter-productive.

“In facing such difficult times, it is compulsory for leaders to place priority on the rakyat (citizens) and to be united in their resolve and understanding in order to overcome challenges.

“This is not the time to find fault, but the time to rectify the situation,” he said during the state-level Maal Hijrah celebration at the State Secretariat here on Monday.

Earlier, Raja Nazrin said the world was experiencing its worst economic crisis in 25 years, adding that not only was the world economy expected to slow down but the Group of Seven countries was anticipating negative growth.

In Malaysia, the electronic and electrical manufacturing sector would see a 14.6% drop in exports to the United States due to the low demand, he said.

The sector, he noted, contributed to 62% of the country’s total exports and 43% of all jobs in the manufacturing sector.

Further noting that demand for prime commodities, especially palm oil, was expected to drop, he expressed worry for the future of school leavers and graduates and those who would lose their jobs.

Raja Nazrin also said the present economic crisis was the combined result of destructive activities carried out over a period of time.

“The grim economic situation is a reminder from God to human beings.

“It is to remind the leaders that no matter how much power has been entrusted to them, they must always remember that their main responsibility is towards humans.

“It is a reminder to leaders who have become power-hungry, greedy and arrogant until the misuse of their power leads to disaster,” he said.

Raja Nazrin further noted that it was vital for the country to create an effective mechanism to monitor any abuse of power.

“Further steps are needed to fulfil expectations by the rakyat for a clean and transparent administration that is supported by a fair judiciary,” he said.

He added that judges of high integrity were needed in order for a fair judiciary system to exist.

“Whatever judicial reforms that are introduced must be translated into action, failing which the rakyat would lose their trust,” he said.

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