Saturday, April 18, 2009

'Democracy tree' gets 19 companions - Malaysiakini

Apr 18, 09 5:55pm

One of the fastest growing tourist attractions in Perak, the “Democracy Tree”, has been given a makeover of sorts by the Ipoh City Council (MBI), who planted 19 smaller plants around it.

The 19 plants were put in place early this morning by MBI staff right under the large branches of the now famous rain tree in Medan Istana, a stone’s throw away from the Perak state secretariat building.

The species of the saplings have yet to be determined and it is uncertain how MBI expects the plants to survive under the shade of the rain tree.

The rain tree was dubbed the “Democracy Tree” as it was the venue for the historic and controversial March 3 emergency sitting of the state assembly.

Ipoh Barat MP, M Kulasegaran, said that the planting of the shrubs appears to be an attempt by the authorities to thwart Pakatan Rakyat’s plans to erect a memorial under the tree to commemorate the emergency sitting.

“It was announced yesterday that a new plaque would be erected at the very place where the young trees have been planted. The trees were planted to prevent this.

“Come what may, we will proceed with the erection of the people’s plaque on May 1,” wrote Kulasegaran in his blog, Kula’s Voize.

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