Thursday, May 14, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: UMNO's Giving In. Will Call for By-Election in Perak - Malaysia Waves

May 14, 2009

This is an info i received from my source within UMNO. It seems that UMNO has decided to give in to mounting pressure calling them to dissolve the Perak Assembly and call for fresh elections. Announcement will be made within this week or next week, according to my source.

Apparently, UMNO realizes that the more that delay this issue, the bigger the negative effect it will have on UMNO and BN. The longer this crisis continues, the worst it gets for UMNO's national profile and intra-BN relations, according to my soruce.

My source elaborates that UMNO is reeling from internal pressure within Barisan Nasional in which component parties are calling for UMNO's head. This scandal will result in them losing more of what little left of their credibility with their electorate.

The Palace is also under tremendous amount of pressure and they too are losing credibility day by day. They too would like to see this issue resolved amicably. If this persists, they will not be respected by anyone in the state or outside. And all this because of UMNO's refusal to go back to the people.

International pressure is also slowly rising. Malaysia's good name is being smeared due to the 7th May incident. Openly, the government is seen as being disrespectful to rule of law, democracy and separation of powers. It's will effect us economically in the long run as investors do not want to invest in countries whose governments are not interested in rule of law.

UMNO also wants to stop the court process from continuing. As long as the battle continues in the courts, the credibility of our courts will also suffer.

So in order to save itself from being abandoned by their allies and prevent economic catastrophy in Malaysia and not to mention a total wipe-out in the next General Election, UMNO has decided to bite the bullet and call for by elections.

My source also say that UMNO is not confident of recapturing the state should the by-election be called. The most they say they can hold on to is 15 Malay seats. But it's better than losing the entire country to Pakatan Rakyat.

I hope my source is right as so far all of the Perak Revelations that Malaysiawaves have proven to be correct i.e. Malaysiawaves was the only blog that predicted the crossing over of a DAP rep when all attentions were concentrated on the 2 PKR reps.

Let's pray that Najib Tun Razak does the right thing.


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simon said...

What so breaking about the news where words do not walk the talk. It may be true that some UMNO members are supportive toward a by-election. However, the eventual decision maker from BN has the last say who would had to advise the Sultan on this.

Any wise man would know the longer it is delayed, the greater the disaster and naturally higher the difficulty for recovery.

DatoSeri said...

UMNO as a corrupt and bully would hold on to power at all cost. Najib as commander for the Perak coup would save his air muka at all cost.

They would utilise all government agencies (ministries, biro tata negara, jpa, psd, etc), "supposedly independent agencies (MCAA, Election Comm, PDRM, etc.), and judiciary to continue wielding influence to hold to it.

They would pour out huge amount of cash to people when election comes (maggi projects, donations to school-churches-temples-shrines, approval to build some new Indian/Chinese schools, quick money to old folks-family in poverty, gifts to rural Malay families, allocation to BN-JKKK heads BN-councilors, etc) to secure votes.

The latest series of action to begin including the promotion of huge population of public service employees and salary increment, goverment guaranteed koperasi loans to government employees, etc.