Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nizar: Assembly 'illegal and unconstitutional' - Malaysiakini

Kuek Ser Kuang Keng & Andrew Ong | May 7, 09 6:38pm

Pakatan Rakyat is maintaining that the Perak state assembly did not convene today and Barisan Nasional's actions in the state assembly hall were "illegal and unconstitutional".

This was despite Pakatan participating in the assembly ‘proceedings' which saw the Perak Regent Raja Nazrin Shah reading the royal address before the sitting was adjourned.

Speaking to reporters after BN-appointed speaker R Ganesan adjourned the sitting, Nizar slammed the police and BN ‘samseng' (thugs) for interfering with the proceedings.

He also lashed out at the BN and its cohorts for forcefully removing speaker V Sivakumar and physically hurting Pakatan state representatives.

"Their actions were evil and violated the sanctity of the house," he said, while being flanked by his assemblypersons and speaker Sivakumar.


Tuanku said...

Dear Readers,

We,undegraduates and many Malaysian students from Oxford, Cambridge, Uni-London and other reputable universities in UK and Europe have been reading and viewing live news via internet the injustice and lawlessness in Perak Assembly today. We, Malaysians felt ashamed and blamed the greedy corrupted politicians for causing a war zone in Silver state in Malaysia.

The legitimate Perak government and the Speaker voted by all Perakians are booted out and dragged out from the Perak Assembly and whatever National Front(BN) did was "illegal and unconstitutional" accordingly to the Perak Constitutions, Federal Constitutions and the Law of the Land in Malaysia.

Today May 7, 2009 marked the "1Black Malaysia" and the injustice in Malaysia.

The entire British people and international communities read this "Tearing RM Ringgit notes" article with shocked and disgraceful by the act of the Perak deputy speaker Hee Yit Foong, who is now a BN-friendly independent as reported in the local media i.e. The STAR , Malaysiakini and Malaysia Insider.

As we read in the Malaysiakini report at 12.45pm stated: The situation turns ugly in the House. Pakatan rep Thomas Su (Pasir Pinji) ridicules Hee by offering her RM50 and shouting 'Go and die' in Cantonese.Following this, another Pakatan rep Yew Tian Hoe (Aulong) throws two RM1 notes at the deputy speaker, prompting a vexed Hee to pick up the notes and tear them to pieces. Other reps - from both sides of the divide - are recording the happenings in the House with their handphones.

We, Malaysians understand that the assemblywoman, Hee Yit Foong has committed a serious crime or treason by tearing RM50 and RM1 Ringgit notes comprised the portrait of Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia and also the legal tender of the Malaysia currency. Isn’t tearing money or defacing our Malaysia ringgit currency notes an act of sedition in that the face of Malaysia sovereign is printed on it? Furthermore, this lawmaker, Hee has broke the law of Malaysia under Sedition Act for tearing up good Malaysian Ringgit in front of all lawmakers in Perak Assembly and the incident was recorded cum reported by the media worldwide.

We, Malaysians and international communities know that tearing or defacing the legal tender currency note of a country sovereign is definitely an offence & a serious crime. The offender should be punished by a heavy penalty of imprisonment and fine if convicted. If the Malaysia government fails to charge the offender / law breaker as recorded and reported in Perak Assembly today. Then, it is definitely sending a wrong signal to the international communities and global financial markets to reject the legal tender of the ringgit notes from Malaysia since the Perak lawmaker has torn the ringgit notes by way of rejecting the legal tender of RM notes in Perak state assembly of Malaysia.

We plead and propose that all rightful Malaysians, NGOs, Bar Council members, political parties, business associations and the Central Bank of Malaysia (BNM)governor should make a serious police report on her when time permits. Nobody is above the law to deface or tear the legal tender Ringgit currency in front of both ruling and opposition lawmakers in Malaysia !

We hope the new PM , the police (PDRM), the AG and the lawmakers will take firm action against her, the offender who deface and tear the legal tender Ringgit notes without fear and favour as well as no bias decision. The Perak lawmaker, Hee has acted in a barbaric manner to tear the RM50 and RM1 notes without respect of the Malaysia sovereign and no excuses from her to voice out that she acted in self defence, unsounded mind and anger over her opposition members intimidation during chaos in Perak assembly. She is a Deputy Speaker of Perak assembly and a lawmaker in Perak should understand the standing orders and Malaysia law well.

We hope that the new PM, Najib will keep his promise of "1Malaysia, People First and Performance Now" will not silence over this disgraceful and shameful act of tearing RM notes in the Perak Assembly in front of all Perak lawmakers, all Malaysians reading and viewing the event and the international communities cum media covering the Perak Assembly today. We also hope Najib will release all arrested people and the activists to keep his slogan alive!

Otherwise, the slogan of "1Black Malaysia, Democracry First, Election Now" is the best motto for all Malaysians today.

Terima kasih // Thank you


All Malaysian Undergraduates & Students
UK and Europe

DatoSeri said...

"We hope the new PM , the police (PDRM), the AG and the lawmakers will take firm action against her, "

Don't hope.
Don't forget the Perak constitutional crisis was orchestrated and plotted by the then DPM and firmly supported by PDRM.

"Together we can bring back democracy!"