Monday, June 30, 2008

BN rep retracts statement about speaker - NST

IPOH: Jun 30, 2008

Sungai Rapat Barisan Nasional assemblyman Hamidah Osman, whose controversial remarks in the Perak assembly on Friday had riled many quarters, said she only meant to ask Speaker V. Sivakumar not to twist his words.

She said her words came at the spur of the moment and she never meant to insult the Indian community.

"I've retracted my words in the state assembly. I don't see it as a big issue," she said when contacted yesterday.

Asked if she would issue an apology at the next state assembly meeting, Hamidah said she had apologised in the assembly and to the Indian community by explaining her remarks to the Gopeng MIC chief and other division leaders.

On her apology at the state assembly, she said: "I withdrew my words. I meant to apologise."

On Friday, she told Sivakumar that she disagreed with the fable of whether a snake or a man from a certain community should be killed first, and asked if he also disagreed with it. She retracted her statement after being asked to do so by state BN chief Datuk Seri Tajol Rosli Ghazali.

Yesterday, she said that words spoken during the state assembly was the assembly's affairs.

She said she only meant to ask Sivakumar not to twist his words, citing his decision to allow Teja assemblyman Chang Lih Kang to present the first debate on Thursday despite a promise by Deputy Speaker Hee Yit Foong the previous day that Kubu Gajah assemblyman Datuk Seri Raja Ahmad Zainuddin would be allowed to do so.

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mahendra said...

The so-called crude Perak State Barisan Nasional's Assemblywoman Puan Hamidah Osman's request to the YB.Speaker Sivakumar on the issue of clarification on the sensitive versus is rather unbecoming and the Prime Minister, being the Barisan Head should step in and take serious disciplinary action to the extend of explelling her from the party and her state position.
She is not a small kid, to play games with sensitive words. Malaysia is a multiracial country and this so-called lady seem to instigate racial tension in this country. The innocent young ones are watching these sort of remarks made by irresponsible elements who are setting a bad example to damage the relationship amongst future generation. This lady should be severly punished, if the Barisan Government is genuine in what it preaches.The PM should act on this 'Hamidah Lady' immediately, so that incidence of this nature is not repeated.To say sorry after the damage is done is no excuse as she is not a kintergarden kid.