Friday, June 27, 2008

Speaker: Perak BN walkout was 'childish' - The Star

IPOH: Jun 27, 2008

Perak Barisan Nasional’s walkout during the state assembly was “childish” and unbecoming of an elected representative, assembly speaker V. Sivakumar said.

“They are here to bring forth the problems of the people, not to carry out their own agenda in order to get publicity,” he said when commenting on the incident here Thursday.

Asked about Datuk Seri Raja Ahmad Zainuddin Raja Omar (BN - Kubu Gajah) being denied the chance to debate, Sivakumar said that Raja Ahmad Zainuddin had been given the last half hour of the sitting on Wednesday to debate.

But for some reason, he chose not to speak and instead asked to debate Thursday on the motion of thanks on the royal address, said Sivakumar.

“When you get the opportunity to speak, you grab it. Otherwise, you will have to wait your turn like everyone else.

“Moreover, I never refused his request. I told Raja Ahmad Zainuddin he would debate next after Teja assemblyman Chang Lih Kang, who stood up first," he said.

On accusations from Barisan representatives that he was biased towards Pakatan Rakyat, Sivakumar aruged that he had been more than fair to Barisan.

He pointed out that he gave over two hours to former Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Tajol Rosli Ghazali to present his debate

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artic turban said...

I think the time to teach the bn a lesson has come, the assembly women who made the racist insult to the speaker of the house should be suspended for bringing disrepute to the position of the speaker and also for being a racist, they have to learn malaysia is a multicultural country and such disrespect shown by the umnoputras should not go unpunished. suspend that silly cow.or easier still everytime she stands up tell her to stfu and sit down as she seems to talk through her period mouth of the month.