Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Perak MB snubs Umno team-up offer - Star


Perak Umno has offered the state PAS to team up with it but Perak Mentri Besar snubbed the offer saying, “PAS in Perak will be in Pakatan Rakyat forever and ever.”

Making the offer at a press conference here yesterday, Perak Umno chief Datuk Seri Mohamad Tajol Rosli Ghazali said the party was even prepared to allow PAS to keep the mentri besar’s post.

Tajol Rosli, who described the move as bringing about political stability and a stronger state government, stressed that he would not take up any positions in the new administration because he did not want to be accused of “controlling” the state government.

The state government is now a coalition of DAP (18 seats), PKR (seven) and PAS (six). Umno controls 27 seats while MCA has one.

If PAS were to join forces with Umno and Barisan, the team would control 34 seats.

In an immediate reply, Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin firmly rejected the proposal.

“As far as PAS in Perak is concerned, we will be in Pakatan Rakyat forever and ever.

“There is no way we will pair with them (Umno). We are the Pakatan Rakyat; a composition of PAS, DAP and PKR,” he said at a press conference after chairing the Perak Water Board meeting here yesterday.

He said that this was because the people of Perak had given their mandate to the present administration by voting the Pakatan into power.

“We are integrated as the PR to serve Perakians forever and ever.

“We will never align with Umno and this is our commitment,” he said.

On Tajol Rosli’s suggestion that the offer to make a PAS representative the mentri besar, Nizar, who is also Perak PAS deputy commissioner said:

“He can offer whatever he wants. No, we disagree. At the state-level, we are not willing.”

Nizar added that if there were ever plans to merge with a party outside of the PR, the PAS leadership would have to discuss the matter first with DAP and PKR. “Even then, I do not think this will happen,” he said.

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tanahmelayukita said...

Its no surprise that when DS Mohamad Nizar snubbed Perak UMNO offer. Without the support of DAP and HINDRAF, he could not imagine of being a State Assemblyman, let alone being MB of Perak.

Hoever, DS Mohamad Nizar should not forget that it is PAS who have selected him to contest in PRU12. PAS is not like any democratic party like Labour and Conservative in the UK, or like Democrats and Republican in America. PAS IS AN ISLAMIC PARTY, with a clear mission of upholding Islamic System in every aspect of life. But when you are surrounded by exco members from DAP who are opposed to Islamic State, is there any room for you to persue PAS stated aims and objectives.

DAP keeps on arguing that Malaysia is a SECULAR STATE. And DAP pulled out of Barisan Alternatif in 2004 in protest against the passing of Hudud Laws in Trengganu. DAP will not give PAS an easy ride either in Perak. After all DAP is by far the biggest partner in PR in Perak.

To what extent UMNO can help PAS implement Islam? Contrary to perception of certain PAS leaders, UMNO IS NOT AGAINST ISLAM and UMNO NEVER REJECT ISLAM. As Tun Dr Mahathir used to say, UMNO is the biggest Islamic Party. And Tun Mahathir had stated clearly that Malaysia is an ISLAMIC STATE. Such statement was echoed by both DS Pak Lah and DS Najib.

Some people brand UMNO as 'Nationalist' party, and, by being 'nationalist' it is opposed to Islam. Such understanding and line of thinking is ABSOLUTELY MISLEADING. Dr. Burhanuddin Al-Helmy, the second President of PAS, in one of his writings, disputed those who translated Arabic word 'asobiyyah' as 'perjuangan bangsa'. To him, fighting to liberate one's race from colonisation, giving them education, uplifting their economic standing and such like are not acts of 'asobiyyah'. Infact, to him, fighting for the betterment of your race is encouraged by Islam. So is the love towards your country.

Based on those argument, UMNO's struggles for 'Agama, Bangsa dan Negara' is in line with Islam.

With regards to HUDUD, as explained by Tun Dr Mahathir, when he was the PM, UMNO was not against the implementation of HUDUD. But, as Dr M argued, Hudud Laws as passed in Kelantan and Trengganu,contains many weaknesses and needs further refinement before it can be implemented.

So, if DS Mohamad Nizar honestly want to be instrumental in implementation of Islamic system in every aspect of life, UMNO is no doubt the more understanding partner.