Friday, February 6, 2009

Angry group protests at Hee’s centre - Star

Feb 6, 2009

IPOH: News of Jelapang assemblyman Hee Yit Foong quitting the DAP to become an Independent has turned her into a target of harassment by Pakatan Rakyat supporters.

Around noon, a handful of DAP members and supporters turned up at Hee’s service centre along Jalan Simpang to put up a banner that reads: “Betrayer of Jelapang voters, Betrayer of Perak people” in several languages. The group left at about 12.30pm.

Meanwhile, there were rumours at about 4pm that Hee’s house had been broken into and that red paint had been splashed across her walls.

Clear target: The banner carrying the message from the Pakatan Rakyat supporters at Hee’s service centre in Ipoh Thursday.

A check on the residence, however, showed that the double-storey terrace house was intact with the doors and windows closed.

Hee’s official car, a Proton Perdana V6, was parked inside the locked compound.

Repeated attempts to contact Hee on her mobile phone and her house proved futile.

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Tuanku said...

We, Perakians of all races are damn angry and furious to know the main cause of the downfall of PR state govt is due to the DAP BITCH Polio HEE, an evil lady who is not fit to become a Deputy Speaker in Perak Assembly. Well, Sdr Lim Kit Siang and DAP Central Committee have make a BIG MISTAKE in the entire history in DAP to train and nurture the BIGGEST BITCH LADY HEE to contest in DAP stronghold in Jelapang and let her held an important post in PR state govt.

Now the entire Perakians and voters blamed on the DAP BITCH HEE and indirectly on DAP Party for causing the downfall of PR state govt.

No voter or Perakian is ever ready to blame the two tainted Malay ADUNs from PKR because both of them are charged on corruption and sexual bribery pending court to find them guilty. DAP party is the punching bag for MCA and BN goons now.

When DAP elected bitch Hee, a former clerk and PRK elected two candidates from former postman and retired army pensioner to be your wakil rakyat this what you will likely end up with. They are less educated to provide excellence services to the people and their intention will more subject to earn a quick $MILLIONs from corruptions, briberies and defections so to speak if opportunities are open for them to jump ship and betray the voters.

We don’t believed that the BITCH Polio Hee jumps ship because of poor leadership in DAP or conflict with DAP Perak Leaders or LGE blamed on her disappearance matter.

If she has been offered RM50 million to change one's allegiance is a lot of money and admittedly, not many can resist such a lucrative offer including any MP or ADUN in any party.

The BITCH Polio HEE dares not step her foot into Jelapang town or ever go back to her hometown in Menglembu for betraying the entire Perak voters and communities. We will personally shit and curse HER to HELL for her bad karma actions to the Perakians if we ever see her.