Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Funeral and Celebration - Malaysiakini

Chinese New Year celebrations are still in full swing but for some disgruntled Perakians, it was a time of mourning over the 'death of democracy' in the state.

To the Chinese, death is often considered 'suay (bad luck)' but 300 vigilers decided it was necessary to hold a mock funeral near a Chinese New Year function attended by newly minted Perek Menteri Besar Dr Zambry Abd Kadir.

Zambry arrived at the Yuk Choy primary school amidst extremely heavy security only to be greeted with very loud boos and jeers from the vigilers gathering outside.

Unperturbed by the loud heckling, Zambry continued to shake hands with well wishers while being surrounded by police and Rela (volunteer corps) personnel.

Rela personnel even formed a human chain to provide a clear path for Zambry all the way from the school gate to the hall some 20 metres away.

After Zambry was safely tucked away in the school hall, vigilers began lighting candles and hearing short speeches about how democracy had gasped its last breath following the unpopular Barisan Nasional takeover of the state.

"Remember, this does not mean that democracy cannot be brought back to life," said PKR activist Simon Ooi.

Ooi also led the crowd in chanting "Hidup rakyat", "bubar DUN (dissolve the assembly)", "Restore democracy" and "Love live democracy".

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