Saturday, February 7, 2009

Will Najib be boycotted tonight? - Malaysiakini

Andrew Ong | Feb 7, 09 3:57pm

The talk of Ipoh today is whether Deputy Premier Najib Abdul Razak will face the wrath of the Chinese community when he attends a Chinese New Year function tonight.

Since Wednesday, buntings advertising the event at the SRJK Yuk Choy school have dotted various parts of the city. However, the organiser of the event is still unknown.

Najib has been credited as the mastermind behind the unpopular Barisan Nasional takeover of the state government by courting four Pakatan Rakyat state representatives to defect.

A flurry of text messages in various languages have been making rounds asking locals to boycott the event. One text message called Najib's event a "big show".

"To the wise and kind people, protect democracy, reject corruption, uphold the law. The proud people of Perak, reject him (Najib). Do not attend. Let him witness our strength. Please pass this on," read the text message.

A separate text message called on the public to hold a candle light vigil opposite the school tonight in protest of the takeover.

"I will go, dressed in white as though I'm going for a funeral to symbolise my protest," a 28-year-old lawyer told Malaysiakini.

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