Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pak Lah, Stop The Brain Drain, End the Discriminatory Policy

Pak Lah, Stop The Brain Drain, End the Discriminatory Policy
Why bother waking up at 3am to study?
Disappointed Student

April 26, 2008 by YB Fong Po Kuan

This letter was sent to Malaysiakini.

I feel pain reading this letter. We, the oppositions MP have raised similar issues many times in the Parliament. How long do we need to wait for the BN led government to realise, to put the interest of the people FIRST!

This noon, I returned a missed call. The mother called up and wanted to ask about writing an appeal letter. Her daughter ’s application for Matriculation was rejected. She managed to contact the State Exco in charge of Education for assistance when I did not answer the call.

In fact, a week ago, I received 2 calls calling for assistance too. One was so worried that the copies of the application was passed to the aunt for me. The applicant scored flying colors yet the application was rejected.

Another, it was via email. I assisted her in drafting the appeal letter.

I did not want to give them hope that I could help to get them a place, which I can’t. It is the discriminatory policy of the BN led government.

I told them of other channels, ie Asean Scholarships (Singapore) and The Star Education Fund. ( for the earlier 2 cases).

I told them, there is still hope, Sixth Form. I know it is tough examination.

I know you can do it. Many have passed the STPM examination with flying colors, you can do it too.

Two years later, yet the local public universities refuse to offer you a place, our neighbouring countries ie Singapore and Australia will be more than willing to accept you and offer you the course and scholarship you wanted without much hassle. Just a click of the mouse!

The BN led government has failed us first! We all love our country. We are all children of Malaysia. Why are we not getting equal opportunity to pursue our dreams?

So, “Disappointed Student”, I fully understand your feelings now. I have been through it . I went through it with my sister too.

Do not give up. I am with you. Many are with, out there!

I will continue to play my role to raise this issue in Parliament and call on - Pak Lah, please hear this voice, “‘Stop the Brain Drain and End the Discriminatory Policy “

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