Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thumbs-up for ICT project - The Star

KPERAK Inc Corporation will continue with its ICT initiative for 59 primary and 57 secondary schools in Perak, as there has been an improvement in Maths and Science scores at UPSR and PMR levels in these schools after the implementation of the ICT programme.

Three workshops were recently held for more than 1,200 Maths and Science teachers at the Perak Techno-Trade Centre building. Last year, KPerak had conducted nine workshops for more than 5,000 students and two workshops for over 670 teachers in Perak.

This year's initiative also saw KPerak sponsoring 150,000 books equipped with E-tutor software, eMaz and eScz to students and teachers in the selected schools.

The eMaz and eScz software provided step-by-step solutions to questions in the e-Tutor workbook, incorporated visual and audio aided learning and allowed students to study at their own time, pace and place. The software also highlighted the correct pronunciation of Maths and Science terminologies in English.

The supplementary textbooks from Andaman Publications included titles from Years One to Six and Forms One to Five.

The workshops, conducted by The Star columnist for Additional Mathematics and Physics, Sunny Yee, offered tips on how to stimulate students' interest in, and enhance their understanding of, Maths and Science.

“The workshop was very interactive and useful,” said SMK Matang teacher K. Kanimalah.

“E-tutor is just the thing for our students as some cannot afford to buy revision books,” she added.

KPerak Inc Corporation has been tasked with developing four ICT sub-sectors and new growth areas in the state – multimedia content, IT outsourcing, new media and data services.

“We hope that the ICT projects will expose students in the selected schools to the importance of Internet technology,” said KPerak Inc Corporation chief executive officer, Datuk Yaacob Nordin, at the launch of the workshops.

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