Sunday, April 13, 2008

KIT SIANG: DAP not working with Pas to establish Islamic state - NST

By : P. Chandra Sagaran

Ipoh. Sun.

DAP is not working with Pas or support the party to establish an Islamic state or implement Hudud laws but wants to give back what is expected to the rakyat.

Party adviser Lim Kit Siang said, "DAP did not have any direct any connection or agreement with Pas but that changed after the March 8 polls when DAP, Pas and PKR made inroads and took over five states,""Our common objective is to fight for justice, transparency, integrity, good governance and greater democracy and not creating an Islamic state," he said in his speech at a Forum Perdana Bersama Rakyat event yesterday..

The forum is the first of it's kind to be held in the country and more such forums would be held once in two of three months to meet the voters and solve their problems.

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