Monday, May 12, 2008

BN councillors should quit, says Tajol Rosli - NST

KUALA KANGSAR: May 11, 2008 By Brenda Lim

Perak Barisan Nasional chairman Datuk Seri Tajol Rosli Ghazali doesn't hide his distaste for BN local councillors who hold on to their posts despite the coalition's loss to Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

"Do you need a directive? It's a matter of principle," he said after speaking at a thanksgiving ceremony hosted by Kuala Kangsar Umno yesterday.

Tajol Rosli, who is also the state Umno chief, expressed amazement that these councillors had to ask him for advice on their position.

Asked if it meant that the remaining BN councillors were unprincipled for holding on to their posts, Tajol shrugged his shoulders.

He said ordering their resignation would have been misconstrued as BN coercing its members.

He expressed concern that PR would lure BN members to cross over, pointing to media reports that 165 of the 349 councillors had yet to resign.

Of that number, 120 were from Umno, 35 from MIC and 10 from PPP.

It was also reported that all 95 MCA councillors and 52 of Gerakan's 53 councillors resigned, but several members from these parties applied to be re-appointed, despite a directive from MCA that its members would have to quit the party before assuming the post.

Jalan Kamunting Gerakan branch chairman Joseph Lau has announced his resignation from the party to remain on the Taiping Municipal Council.

Tajol Rosli is offering to resign as Pengkalan Hulu assemblyman to show BN's strength in the ensuing by-election.

"I am willing to prove it. If the leadership allows it, and if there is support from Gerik Umno, I am willing to quit as Pengkalan Hulu assemblyman and stand for election again.

"I don't mind if someone else is picked to contest. We will prove that we have never lost the people's confidence."

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