Friday, May 16, 2008

Bombs thrown at DAP office - The Star


Homemade bombs were hurled at the Perak DAP headquarters here but did not cause major damage to the building.

Instead, a wooden board put up at the glass windows of the office caused the explosives to bounce off and land on the road.

A witness said two men on a motorcycle had approached the two-storey Wisma DAP located near the state secretariat building at Bandar Ipoh Raya at 2.20am yesterday.

The security guard of a nearby school, who was on duty, said he saw two men throw things at the window and heard two loud explosions.

Bomb spot: Ngeh (second from left) and other state DAP leaders looking at the debris caused by the bombs in front of the party’s Perak headquarters Thursday.

The bombs broke the glass windows of the office on the first-floor.

However, a wooden wall behind it prevented the bombs from entering the building.

Perak DAP chief Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham said the bombs bounced off the wooden wall of its conference room, leaving only burnt marks, before landing on the road.

“If not, the whole row of shops would have been razed,” he said.

Referring to the attack as “politically-motivated,” he added: “It is an attack on democracy and violence cannot be condoned.”

Ngeh, who rushed to the scene after being informed at about 9am, urged the police to quickly apprehend and prosecute the culprits.

Perak CID chief Senior Assistant Comm (II) Ismail Yatim said the case was being investigated as mischief by fire with intent to destroy a building.

“However, we are still investigating whether the target had been the DAP office or the restaurant below it,” he said.

He added that firemen had taken samples of the residue from the homemade bombs for analysis.

Perak Umno Youth chief Zainol Fadzi Paharudin views seriously Ngeh’s accusation that it was a politically motivated attack.

The Sungai Manik state assemblyman said the DAP should let the police conclude its probe first before making any accusations.

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